Happy New Year

Business Tips 2019

We hope you enjoyed the New Years Celebrations. Here are some business tips to follow in 2019
Review your goals: make this an habit, have easy mile stones and keep a track that you are in the right direction. 
Review your fiances: Don’t just review finances at the end of financial year but do them regularly. 
Make a habit of keeping a copy of receipts and invoices: Don’t throw away the receipts, nothing ins insignificant. 
Keep a backup of your work: speak to an IT professional and make sure all your work is backed up regularly. 
Review your business structure and see if it needs improvement. 
Make sure all the software you are using is update. 
Be in touch with the changes in tax laws. Make it a habit to follow ATO and ask questions where something is not clear. 
Have regular meeting with your accountant to ensure everything is running smoothly.
United Business Services – Chartered Accountants wishes every one a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019.